Let Artisan Bakery make your event fresh, with from-scratch and locally-sourced ingredients for breakfast, lunch or evening events. We can also make your office or business much better by delivering bagels, breakfast or pastries on a schedule. Bagel tuesdays, lunch meetings, client events and more are easy when we bring our simple, but tasty catering menus to you. Various packages are available but you can also call us for custom combinations.


Breakfast combo 1 - bagels and coffee

Artisan can deliver Fresh-Baked Bagels, Hot Coffee and supplies, Goshen Cold-Brew Coffee, Bagel Toppings and Cream Cheese and Water Set-up


Breakfast combo 2 - Light breakfast

From Scratch Quiche, Assorted Pastries, Hot Coffee and supplies, Iced and Hot Tea, Yogurt Parfaits.


Lunch combo 3 - salads and sammies

Assorted Half-Sandwiches using fresh garden toppings, home-made bread, Local & Boar's Head Meats, House Salad or Salad Bar with Dressings and home-made croutons. Beverages including Tea, Coffee and Supplies. And for dessert Assorted cookies and pastries.


Lunch combo 4 - sandwiches & desserts

Full Sandwiches, Salad bar with several types to choose from, house-made croutons, multiple dressings & toppings. Beverages include ice-tea, coffee, cold-brew and supplies, as well as delicious cookies, desserts and pastries. Soup is also available.


Lunch or dinner combo - pizza, salads and more

A pizza buffet comprised of our from-scratch pizzas, with delicious toppings and artisan cheeses, full salad bar with dressings and toppings, iced-tea, cold-brew, coffee and other beverages. Beer and Wine available in-house when we host your event.


Our shop is available for private events on certain nights? We can provide our full-catering menu and our beer and wine menu when you host your event at Artisan Bakery. For information, reach out at: